Stone Crest Cabins


2nd Annual

Stone Crest Music Fest

Saturday May 2nd, 2020

Come join us at the second annual Stone Crest Music Festival.


The main stage is outside at the Stone Crest Lodge (shown above). The larger bands will play outside. Jam sessions and solo acts will be inside and around the campfire. If the weather forces us inside we will reluctantly comply but we will certainly not be canceling.


This is a musicians first festival. Please bring your instruments and play them. Suggested donation is $10 per person. We're hoping to see pick up bands jamming all over the property. There is a finished basement which is a fine place to play as well. Please forward this along to anyone you think may be interested.


Call or email for more info or to book a slot to play


814 316 2736

Back by popular demand

Stone Crest Bread Baking Class

May 11th, 2019

    This is Andy with Stone Crest and I'm excited to show you all a thing or two about baking bread.

    I grew up eating fantastic homemade bread (Grandma was a bread baker) and of course, like any kid, I took it for granted. Until I moved away to grad school and couldn't get home but once a semester.  The longing for a piece of grandma's toast, combined with the meager income of a graduate student stipend, urged me to give making my own bread a try. The next time I was home I got a lesson, and for Christmas I was given the dog eared book shown below: The Bread Bible.

     This copy of The Bread Bible has traveled farther than most people, coming with me to Colorado, California, Alaska, and Chile.  From sopapillas in wood fired ovens to baking at elevation in Leadville, I picked up tips and tricks from other bakers. It is a practice I've always kept with me. This weekend I will teach you the recipe I have adapted from my grandmother's to make our daily table bread. This is really the only bread we eat at home and is the family favorite. 

     The weekend kicks off with a meet and greet Friday May 11th, 7pm, at the Creekside Cabin Wine, cheese, and bread (of course) will be provided. Saturday is the main event, starting at 9 am. I have a foolproof method for a consistent crumb that I will share with you. The morning will be devoted to preparing the dough.  In the afternoon we will work on shaping and baking off.  After everyone is comfortable with the basics, we will move on to more advanced shapes and baking techniques for bagels, donuts, and danish pastries. 

     Come Friday night for the meet and greet and stay till the end of the event Saturday at our creekside cabin for $100. This is a per person price which includes one night at the creekside cabin, all activities Saturday, and a Stone Crest T-shirt. Stay Saturday night for an additional $50. The day rate is $75.

For questions and reservations call us at 800 634 2495.


800 634 2495

P0 Box 98 Leeper PA 16233


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